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Setting the standard of excellence for private luxury Yachts and Helicopters charter,

The definitive freedom is relaxing on board a yacht, enjoying the highest levels of comfort, service and personal attention – and crucially, complete privacy. At UPSCALE CHARTER, we offer access to pleasure-seeking adventure and a means to escape, to travel the globe. Whether you board seeking a new thrill or with an ardour for the aquatic, you will inevitably return with a lifelong passion for yachting. One of the fastest-growing companies in the luxury-yachting sector, UPSCALE CHARTER has the largest crewed charter fleet and Bareboat sailing yachts  ..Skippered sailing yachts in the Mediterranean Sea and provides a truly integrated service across sales, charter and management . Our team combines more years of marine expertise than any other company, with an unrivalled knowledge of every aspect of the industry, enabling us to advise, consult and guide you at every step. Founded over a decade ago, UPSCALE CHARTER lives up to its reputation, with 5 offices  forming a dynamic network . Our global reach, coupled with authentic local insight, mean you will have instant access to advice and assistance wherever you happen to be. With a mission to deliver the most unforgettable experiences, you are in the hands of an outstanding team of the highest calibre that will provide unparalleled adventure and service at every stage of your voyage of discovery.

What else can we do for you?

  • Find you an excellent yacht and charter location according to your tastes and requirements
  •  Organize catering according to your preferences.
  • Countless number of different activities, from fishing to scuba diving to snorkeling, windsurfing to surfing, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing.
  • We can organize fine dining ashore at recommended restaurants, or aboard with your own professional chef.
  • Ecological based charters where you can watch whales, dolphins, rays, coral fish, sharks or go ashore to experience the local wild life or culture.
  • Countless number of different charter yachts through our extensive international yacht company network.
  • Exhaustive amount of charter locations .
  • You can begin and end your charter when and where you like (almost). What ever is the most convenient for you. Once we know where you would like to charter we can find a boat in that destination, which best matches your needs, at the best value. We do all this for free. There is no extra cost to you when using our services.
  • UPSCALE CHARTER brings the expression, “the world is yours” to life.

Please do not hesitate contacting us if you have any questions.

setting the standard of excellence for private luxury Yachts charter,
setting the standard of excellence for private luxury Helicopters Fleet,
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