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Greece and The Greek Islands

From diverse archipelagos to rugged coastlines, Greece and her islands, scattered in the south east area of Europe, are what dreams are made of. Small wonder that it’s one of the most popular European destinations for motor and sailing yachts. A winning combination of natural beauty, ancient history and striking architecture, Greece is firmly on the itinerary during the balmy summer. Enjoy a warm welcome and great hospitality from the friendly locals. They are proud of their rich traditions and always keen to regale visitors with romantic mythology and reminders of Greece’s position as the birthplace of European civilisation.


Discover thousands of Greek islands, from the lilting Aegean to the exposed Cyclades, the dramatic Ionian to the cosmopolitan Dodecanese. The Peloponnese peninsula on the mainland is characterized by lush forests in the north, and gentle hills blanketed with olive groves in the south. In short, Greece offers such variety that it’s hard to imagine that it is one country. As arguably the most important heritage of the Western civilisation, Greece has so many ancient monuments and World Heritage Sites, you can only possibly see a handful. The various island groups in Greece vary in their topography and appeal: from wide beaches, rooftop bars and scenic whitewashed villages in Rhodes, to Venetian architecture and a slow pace of life. So, whether you are looking for ancient monuments or exquisite food, nightclubs or private bays, dive sites or hiking paths with superlative views, ensure you know where to go in Greece using our comprehensive island guides.

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