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A bridge between east and west, connected by its exotic and intoxicating capital, Istanbul, makes modern Turkey a colourful destination for a yacht charter. A mish mash of multicultural influences, here you will find food from the Mediterranean, elements of the Middle East and some Balkan culture. Turkey appeals to historians with its plethora of archaeological sites, as well as its sheer diversity and cultural contrasts: churches coexist with mosques, vibrant nightclubs sit next to Byzantine and Ottoman monuments, and the Mediterranean and Aegean coastlines are sprinkled with beaches and fishing villages.


Set off from Bodrum, Marmaris or Gocek; these lively towns all offer a warm welcome and an excellent level of hospitality. In Istanbul, the vibrant, largest city, you can walk along Roman aqueducts, visit ancient churches, listen to the call to prayer and sip cocktails in chic rooftop bars. To escape city life, head for the beach resorts of Bodrum, Izmir and Marmaris. Anchor for a swim, dive or impromptu feast on board before relaxing in the afternoon on deck or playing with the water toys.

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