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UPSCALE CHARTER offer a sense of freedom and flexibility that is truly unrivalled. Tailored to the needs and desires of you and your guests, with a professional crew dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience, you are free immerse yourself in the luxury and relaxation of fabulous accommodation, breathtaking views, gourmet cuisine and endless activities, all enveloped by the vitality of life at sea.

Setting the standard of excellence for private luxury Yachts charter:

  • Marriage Proposals (one of our most popular)
  • Small Groups Charter
  • Yacht Charter
  • Car services
  • Helicopters Charter
  • Office Parties
  • Burials of sea
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Romantic Sunset Cruises (our most popular)
  • Sailing Adventures
  • Business Meetings, Corporate Events, Team Buildlng & Client Entertaining
  • Bareboat Yacht Charter
  • Crewed Yacht Charter
  • Excursions
  • Island Weekends
  • Celebration of Life (call for information)
  • Dockside Parties
  • Gourmet Catering
  • Wine Tasting
  • Film Productions / Modeling Photo shoots

Powerboat & Sailboats Deliveries.

“Every delivery is handled by a Skipper who holds the qualification of Yachtmaster Ocean.”
Professional yacht services at a straightforward price.
The Yacht Delivery Company delivers your vessel from any location to anywhere in the world, for a clear price in a timely, professional and safe manner. We take the pride in delivering your yacht in excellent condition to the destination of your choice, ready to be sailed by you or your customer.
Whether it is a commercial delivery or if you want your private yacht to be sailed to your holiday destination, we offer you professional service at a straightforward price.

Excellence matters
Professionalism, safety and transparency are at the heart of The Yacht Delivery Company. Our trusted and qualified crew will guide you through the four phases of our delivery services. Even during the delivery you can track the location of your yacht.
Our pricing means there are no hidden costs and we will not surprise you with an invoice for thousands of euros, pounds or dollars for non-included crew expenses like food or flights.
Our website will give you an overview of services we offer. Please contact us to let us know your wishes, questions or request a quotation directly online.

Enjoy the benefits of having a personal chauffeur for a couple hours, days, week, or longer. No need for a fractional ownership or to add an employee. We can accommodate your itinerary even if you don’t have one!
When you choose to work with us, you can count on:

  • Professional and courteous service every single time

  • Prompt responses, and pick-ups and drop-offs that occur on time
  • Regular communication with your chauffeurs and dispatchers through texts/emails
  • Discretion, because we understand that what you discuss on the phone or in the backseat is confidential

Our chauffeurs will follow your schedule, and one of our luxury limousines or sedans will be waiting and on call to help you accomplish more on your business trip. All vehicles are equipped with navigation for support in addition to our dedicated dispatch team monitoring every aspect of your travel.

Whether it’s a group passenger charter, executive or corporate charter, aerial work mission, business trip, or a pleasure ride, UPSCALE CHARTER. will deliver the appropriate helicopter charter to you.

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