Ocean 70

The Ocean 70 Yacht is a state-of-the-art self-contained catamaran with deck areas measuring 70 square meters.

Price Per Week

A luxurious and spacious deck that includes:

    seating area
    Tanning surfaces
    system and music
    Shower deck
    fishing gear

4 double cabins including:

    Spacious and luxurious living room
    Double bed
    Air Conditioning
    Sea windows
    A personal sink
    Seating area and table
    Storage cabinets
    Reading light

Fully equipped kitchen including:

    coffee machine
    Water Bar
    wine cooler
    Kitchen sink
    Oven and microwave
    kitchen accessories

On Ocean View you can celebrate a wide variety of events: bachelor / bachelorette parties, 
marriage proposals, birthdays, romantic cruises, 
family cruises and any reason to party.
What size is the yacht?

The Ocean View yacht is spread over 70 square meters. 
The yacht will enjoy 4 double cabins, a fully equipped kitchen, 
a spacious living room and a luxurious deck.
How many people can board the yacht?

The Ocean View Yacht is suitable for up to 13 people and 2 crew members.
Is sailing on the yacht safe?

Ocean View Yacht is a large and stable yacht equipped with the most advanced technologies. 
A professional skipper with extensive experience will be commanding the yacht. 
The yacht is equipped with a first aid kit, life jackets.
Is it permissible to swim in the sea during the cruise?

It is possible to combine stopping at sea for bathing and refreshing (in season), 
including sea wheels, 
tubing and water amusement. Bathing and diving on the responsibility of bathers only.
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